IMH Slick Inks Red Hot Dixie Chick a.k.a. Hottie

D.O.B.: May 1, 2018; Color: Sorrel (ee/aa of ee/Ae); Height: 34"


Hottie is free of the 4 known dwarf genes (N/N).

Titles: 2018 AMHA European Champion mare foal

           2018 NMPRS mare examination 1st premium

           2019 NMPRS mare examination 2nd premium

Sire  : ERL Pattons Smooth Operator (Slick), Bay, 28.5"

           Multiple AMHA World Champion

Dam:  Hopkins The Jokers Moonlight Ink, Smoky black, 32"

           AMHR Res. Supreme Champion,

           AMHR Grand- & multiple champion,

           AMHA European- &  multiple champion

Hottie 3 year old
Hottie 3 year old
Hottie 3 years old making miles
Hottie 3 years old making miles
Hottie 3 years old making miles
Hottie just born
Hottie 3 months old
Hottie 3 months old

At the end of an afternoon this red fillie came into the World. She is the first foal of our so well-known mare Hopkins The Jokers Moonlight Ink. After 2 days I finally found the name for this oh so little, oh so refined fillie. IMH, short for Incredible Miniature Horses, Slick, the nickname of her Sire ERL Pattons Smooth Operator, Inks, after her Dam, Red Hot, as she is one red hot little flea, Dixie Chick, as she is pretty pigheaded.

So IMH Slick Inks Red Hot Dixie Chick is her name, or also known as Hottie. From the moment her nose stuck out, she was active. She stood rather quick, found the milk bar (nipples), defecated and started bucking around in the stable. So small, so active, so pigheaded, Red Hot Dixie Chick just had to be her name.

When she moves, she always has that little tail straight up in the air. She struts around.

We look forward to a bright future together with our girl and hope that she will rock the ring just like her parents did. And she did that at her first show, the 2018 AMHA European Championship. Her first title at 3.5 month old is: 2018 AMHA European Champion.

Next to that she got a 1st premium at the NMPRS mare examination in 2018. At the NMPRS examination as a yearling she got a beautiful 2a premium. 

At the age of 3 she started her driving career with Sabine van der Bellen. After three months of training, we are now making miles.

March 2022, already many miles were made on the country roads. It is a great pleasure driving Hottie around. She loves to galop, and is full energy. Getting stronger and more mature.

In 2022 Hottie will be bred to SWG Crow Feathers Kind of Art (Arthur). We are looking forward to a great future in both driving and breeding.

Hottie 3.5 months old at the AMHA European Championship
Hottie 1 year old at the NMPRS examination
Hottie 3 years old
Hottie 3 years old out in the field at home
Hottie during her driving training