IMH All Patched Up Sirpy a.k.a. Sirpy

D.O.B.: June 23, 2023; Color: Brown Tovero

Height: around 38" at maturity

Registered: AMHR/ASPC/BMP

Sirpy will be tested on the 4 known dwarf genes (N/N)

Sire  : MM's Tenue de Ville

           2018 NMPRS Honor champion

           2017 NMPRS champion and Champion of the day

Dam: Hopkins PC Priscilla

          Sire: Ravenwood Poker Chip

          Dam: Caldwells Walkin With Michelle

          Priscilla is line bred to the Epic 'Mike'

          (Mike = Wauk-a-Way Catch The Wind)

IMH All Patched Up Sirpy (colt)
IMH All Patched Up Sirpy (colt)

Just after midnight Priscilla started giving birth to this beautiful, colourful colt. Birth went smooth, and an eye-striking little boy was looking into the future. His name has both parents in it. His Sire's nickname is Patch, and as he has patches, so it became patched up. His Dam her name was written backwards from pris into Sirpy. 

As I am a true fan of Patch (MM's Tenue de Ville) I knew I wanted a sibbling of that stallion, and what better than breed one of your own. His Sire is very well known throughout Europe and his Dam has all the great names when it comes to driving! Read more about his Dam on her own page: Hopkins PC Priscilla. I hope Sirpy will have the same easy going, and loving character as his both parents. Than he can stay stallion, otherwise I will geld him although that would be a shame as he is so beautiful. He should have a breeding future with his stunning appearance.

Sirpy is future as I love driving. An AMHR/ASPC is just a bit bigger as my AMHA/AMHR horses, and therefore easier to use for longer distances and heavier grounds. And, of course for show driving as he is colored with a very eye catching color pattern. 

Dam: Hopkins PC Priscilla
MM's Tenue de Ville (Patch)
23-06-2023 Sirpy is born
2023-07-12 Stunning Sirpy