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23-02-11 Barn with the horses in the stables in Maarheeze

Incredible Miniature Horses (prefix IMH, formerly ieniemienie miniature horses) is located in the beautiful surroundings of Maarheeze, the South East of Brabant, The Netherlands. We only breed American Miniature Horses, which are American horse breeds in a miniature size with the proportion, behaviour and elegance of a big horse. The only thing they have like ponies, is their thick winter coat, as the smaller a horse is, the more hair it needs to keep it warm. So, in winter they have a thick woolen coat, but in summer they shine in their short coats. Our breeding goal is 30-32" (76-81 cm). We breed in the size 76 - 86 cm (or 30 - 34 inch) measured at the last hair of the mane! So, not as we are used to measure in Europe, at the withers. 

Our horses are registered with AMHA (= American Miniature Horse Association), AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry); NMPRS (Nederlands Miniatuurpaarden Register), several also BMP (Belgisch Miniatuur Paard). Their foals can be registered in these registers if crossed with a horse that is eligible for that register too. Next to that they are all tested on the dwarf genes and are free (N/N) of them.

We show the horses International (IMHC = Imperial Miniature Horse Club, NMPRS and BMP), and with proud we can say that we have many AMHA and/or AMHR champion titles, Grand Champion titles and a Reserve Supreme title. The horses are shown in halter (at hand), in driving disciplines, and in showmanship. Next to that our horses are examined according the rules of the NMPRS (= Dutch Miniature Horse Association. As their website is in Dutch only, we do not show the link to their website). 

IMH Chevys OneMoreTime Britney
IMH Suchabuck Lady Charlotta
IMH Slick Inks Red Hot Dixie Chick (mare)
IMH Hey Buzz About Miss Moneypenny
IMH Chevys OneMoreTime Britney B (mare)aby