IMH Suchabuck Lady Charlotta a.k.a. Lotte

D.O.B.: April 5, 2023; Color: Brown minimal pinto;

Height: 32-33" at mature height


Lotte will be tested for the 4 known dwarf genes (N/N). 

Sire  : Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio, 33"

           NMPRS Super Star 

Dam: SHM Westernboys Femme Fatal, 32.5"        

            5x AMHA Grand Champion

            5x AMHA Reserve Grand Champion

          21x AMHA Champion

          10x AMHA Reserve Champion

IMH Suchabuck Lady Charlotta (mare)

As the 2 times before Femme Fatal gave birth early in the morning (between 05.00-07.00 AM), this time 05.00 hrs. It was a clean and very nice birth. After 2 boys, we this time got a mare, and what a sweet and pretty girl she is.

Lotte is a minimal pinto (so no large spots, just 4 white legs, a blaze and some small spots) brown (no creme from Sire and no silver from her Dam) really refined, and a lovely character, filly.

04-10-2023 Lotte one week old
Lotte at the NMPRS examination
05-02-2023 Lotte one month old
2023 Lotte as a filly at the NMPRS examination
2023 Lotte at the AMHA EC