IMH Chevys OneMoreTime Britney Baby a.k.a. Britney

D.O.B.: April 19, 2023; Color: Chestnut;

Height: about 30" at mature height


Britney is free from the 4 known dwarf genes (N/N). This as both her parents were tested free.

Sire  : Oak Bay Salsas Silverado, 29" 

           2013 AMHA World Champion Weanling Stallion 26" & Under

           2014 AMHA Regional Champion Yearling Stallion

           2014 AMHR National Champion

           2014 AMHA Reserve World Champion

           2015 SUPREME Champion

           2015 Multiple GRAND Champion Stallion

           2015 AMHA Eastern Regional Champion

           2017 NMPRS Champion "Minimaat Luxe"

           2018 NMPRS Super Star

Dam: NL Moonlight Sampsons Babylonia, 30"        

            2x AMHA Grand champion (driving & halter)

            1x AMHA Reserve Grand (halter)

          26x AMHA Champion (driving, showmanship, halter)

          22x AMHA Reserve champion (driving, showmanship, halter)

            1x AMHR Stake winner / Grand champion (driving)

            1x AMHR Res. Stake winner / Res. Grand champ. (driving)

            8x AMHR Champion (driving & showmanship)

            4x Reserve Champion (driving, showmanship, halter)

2023-04-19 IMH Chevys OneMoreTime Britney Baby
2023-05-02 Britney 2 weeks old

Britney is a true daughter of her Dam Babylonia. She is really small, and has a great attitude, power and is not easily scarred. 

When born she was sorrel, but after shading her foal coat, it appeared that she is chestnut. Well that is also 'sorrel' but the dark version. It almost looks dark brown. So I was really surprised when she turned her coat into the dark color.

Britney is meant to be a pair for driving with her Dam Babylonia. Both small and both powerful. It will be a real pleasure to see this little filly grow. She will be shown in halter, showmanship and in a few years in driving.

2023-04-19 Britney a few hours old
2023-04-19 Even the grass is tall compared to Britney
IMH Chevys OneMoreTime Britney Baby
2023-08-28 Britney at the NMPRS examination
2023-08-28 Little power machine in movement. Britney at the NMPRS examination next to her dam Babylonia