IMH A Kind of Red Boy a.k.a. Boy

D.O.B.: April 3, 2023; Color: Sorrel; Gender: gelding

Height: around 34" at maturity

Registered: AMHA/AMHR/BMP

Boy is free of the 4 known dwarf genes (N/N) as both parents

were tested free.

Sire  : SWG Crow Feathers Kind of Art, 34"

Dam: IMH Slick Inks Red Hot Dixie Chick, 33.75"

          AMHA Grand champion Classic Pleasure Driving

          AMHA Res. Grand champion Country Pleasure Driving

          AMHA multiple Champion Classic Pleasure Driving

          AMHA Champion Country Pleasure Driving

          AMHA European champion halter

IMH A Kind of Red Boy

Boy was a nice early evening birth. It all went pretty smooth. He is a strong well build young colt, who immediately made me think about a tandem or double with his mother Hottie in the driving. So, not long after his birth I decided that his future will be a driving gelding. That and.. a good and easy companion for the other horses that I have.

Boy has a real nice color. Deep dark orange red, just like his mother. He has great legs, and super movement, so all I could wish for. He is maturing fast, but we will not forget that he is still a little colt and that he needs time to grow up to a strong big boy.

Now he gets time to grow up. Meanwhile he is gelded, and the coming years, I will learn him all he needs to know to be an easy and pretty going horse, so we will also go for walks to learn traffic. 

More pictures will follow later this year or can be viewed at my Facebook.

Boy just born
Boy 1 week old
Boy 1 month old
Boy 2 months old