IMH Mister Smooth Velvet Sky a.k.a. Smoothy

D.O.B.: April 29, 2022; Exp. mature height 34"

Color: Silver smokey black pinto (Ee aa nCr nZ nTo)

AMHA, AMHR & NMPRS registered.

Dwarf gene (ACAN) N/N so free of the 4 known dwarf genes.

Sire: SSF Velvetbucks Nullah, black pinto, 33".

         SS: Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo

                Multiple AMHA World Champion

         SD: Lucky Four Silver Sparkling, 32.5".

Dam: Adonis Vanilla Sky, palomino pinto with silver gene, 32.75".

          Multiple AMHA Supreme champion

          Multiple AMHA Grand Champion

          Multiple AMHA Champion; 1st premium NMPRS

          DS : Arions Destiny Gold Charm, 32.5".

                  Multiple Supreme champion

          DD: Grasscorners Emblems Elegance, 33.75".

Sky with Smoothy
Adonis Vanilla Sky werd met Guy Verhulst een veelvoudig Supreme en Grand champion
SSF Velvetbucks Nullah, vader van Smoothy
Sky met haar veulen Smoothy in de zomer van 2022
Sky met haar veulen Smoothy in de zomer van 2022
Smoothy 4 maanden oud

IMH Mister Smooth Velvet Sky or Smoothy as we call him, is born on Friday evening, April 29, 2022 after 335 days. The delivery went pretty smooth without problems, which made that we knew his name had to carry smooth in it.

IMH Mister Smooth Velvet Sky: IMH is the prefix of our barn name Incredible Miniature Horses. Mister as it is a colt. Smooth as all went pretty smooth without problems. Velvet as of his Sire SSF Velvetbucks Nullah. And Sky which is the nickname of his Dam Adonis Vanilla Sky. Soon his nickname became Smoothy.

When Smoothy dried we saw his beauty. Four high white legs, and silver buckskin pinto. So he carries a creme and a silver gene, which means his sibblings can have beautiful colours.  On his head he has a nice narrow blaze.

Smooth has a really beautiful pedigree with lots of well known big names such as Arions Destiny Gold Charm, Alvadars Double Destiny, Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo, Little Kings Black Velvet, Boones Buckeroo etc. Multiple AMHA champions and thus we expect a lot of this little colt.

His first performance was during the 2022 NMPRS examination. He achieved a nice 1st premium with the comments: beautiful head and neck, and real great movement.

If we find the time, as we are building our new location, he will be shown at the American shows in Europe in 2023.


2022-04-29 Smoothy net geboren tot nu
2022-04-29 Smoothy net geboren en moeder wast hem
2022-04-29 Sky en Smoothy
2022-04-29 Sky en Smoothy die net staat
2022-04-30 Sky en Smoothy opgedroogd
2022-04-30 Sky en Smoothy in beweging
2022-04-30 Smoothy 1e dag in de wei b
2022-04-30 Smoothy 1e dag in de wei
2022-04-30 Smoothy steekt tong uit
2022-08-27 NMPRS Smoothy eerste premie
2022-08-27 NMPRS Smoothy eerste premie d
2022-08-27 NMPRS Smoothy door Rowan de Bont
Smoothy 1 maand oud
Smoothy 4 mnd oud met 1e premie NMPRS
Smoothy 1.5 maand oud
Smoothy 4 maanden oud